How to Make Your Leather Last

Here at The Atelier we believe in creating stylish classics that are designed to stand the test of time. All of our leather goods are crafted in the USA from high quality vegetable tanned leather, which is an old-world artisanal process – meaning our leather products have a more natural look, are highly durable, and possess sought-after aging qualities … aka they only get better with age.

Investing in high-quality leather pieces also means committing to caring for your leather, so we’ve put together some tips to help you out!



  1. Protect your leather. We recommend a simple leather protectant as opposed to a more invasive topcoat. We personally love and use Apple Brand Gardé Rain & Stain Repellent to guard against accidental stains. This spray avoids changing the look and feel of the leather and is easy to apply. Make sure your leather is clean before applying, and to keep leather looking its best, apply this protectant every so often.

  2. Resist the urge to self-treat stains. Our leather Icon Tote is our favorite go-to. It fits everything we need, goes with everything, and will never go out of style. But with any staple piece that gets everyday use, life happens – whether it’s grass and grease or ink and wine. We recommend visiting a leather specialist to treat those tricky stains, but if you must, lightly sweep with a damp cloth. Do not use any harsh soaps or foreign substances.
  3. Avoid getting leather excessively wet. Toting your new leather bag to a potentially rowdy pool party might not be the safest option, but if you simply can’t resist showing off your tote (we don’t blame you), keep it as far away from the pool as possible. If your leather does get too wet, let it air dry. We understand your concern, but put down the hair dryer. Speed drying leather can cause crinkle cut chaos. Room temperature with gentle air will do the trick. (And see #2 for treating major spills.
  4. Leather stretches out, but not back. Keep this in mind when you’re stuffing your entire life into your Icon clutch - Don’t worry, we’re guilty too. If you find yourself  over-packing, it might be time to draw the line… swap the clutch for the tote.
  5. Let it age. Like we said, all of our leather products are vegetable tanned, ensuring that with age, comes beauty. Vegetable tanned leather also provides a unique and genuine look the more exposure it gets, so go ahead – pair that Icon Tote with everything in your closet.

Melissa N